Friday, March 21, 2008

Shoe Care- 1,2,3

It may seem tiresome to spend time polishing your shoes especially if you have a mountain of them all sitting prettily in your closet. However, routine and regular shoe maintenance is important if you want to keep your kicks looking fabulous for longer. Here are some excellent tips for maintaining those stilettos, moccasins and more-

1. Polishing your shoes with wax keeps them looking not just fresh but removes scuff marks and adds shine. Using a cream or paste polish is best over the liquid version as liquid tends to dry out and crack those precious pumps. Remember to always remove laces on any shoes when polishing them as well.

2. Flannel lined shoes bags like the beauties from Bags with Style are not just a great way to tote around an extra pair of shoes. The separate compartments in Bags with Style shoe bags protect your shoes from each other as well as the dust and other elements lurking in your closet or shoe tree.

3. Patent leather is a hot right now in everything fashion, including the fashion on your feet. Caring for it is more than just slapping on a coat of petroleum jelly too. A mild soap and wet cloth are all you need to do the trick!

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