Friday, April 25, 2008

Bloggy Reads

Here at Bags with Style we don't like to just talk about how to store your shoes. Yes, it is an excellent idea and one that you should grab a hold of and start doing if ahem, you are not already. We also just love shoes in general. From the tops of our wedges and platform pumps to the tips of our kitten heels, espadrilles and sky-high boots, we truly, madly, deeply love our shoes.

Compiled below is a list of our top five favorite shoe blogs for your reading pleasure (in no particular order). We feel that once you start reading these you will find you have a new addiction all together.

Happy Reading!

1. Shoe Blog- From what's hot in shoes to clever finds and sales this blog has a little bit of everything. The forum is a must-read as it deals with shoe problems, questions and just about anything you can think of when it comes to shoes.

2. Shoe Bunny- It is all broken down by shoe style or designer on this site. Anything you could possibly want to find or know about pink sandals is right here for the reading. This site has a lot of information about celebs and their shoes and is a fun little read!

3. Shoe Sense- For those of us who love shoes but are a bit more practical this is the place to go. Hours can be wasted on this blog alone.

4. About Shoes- Since 2004 Desiree Stimpert has been talkin' shoes on This site is comprehensive, smart and has a great discussion forum. If I have a shoe question. I go to this site.

5. Shoewawa- One could say they love Shoewawa simply because of its ugly shoe section but you are selling yourself short my friend. The store, oh the store and so much more.

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Anna said...

I just blogged about these chocolate heels, what a fantastic creation! These will definitely be featured at my wedding reception!