Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

Shoes. They are not just for looks all the time. The primary purpose of any shoe is to protect your feet from injury. Having a shoe that fits properly is the first step in keeping those footsies happy. I know, I was hoping it involved peep toes and cute accents too. This rule is never more important than when you are running or walking in a marathon. Here your shoes are truly your key to happiness. Since it is the season for marathon’s it seems like a good idea to cover some ground rules on how your kicks should fit.

When fitting your foot for a marathon it is important to remember that your feel swell. You probably want to go up a half size to prevent crowding your feet. Looks do not matter here. In the race to find your perfect marathon sneakers, it is all about the fit in the toes as well as the heels. No slippage should occur when you step. A good fit will not only feel comfortable but also reduce blisters and other skin irritations.

Hitting up a running shoe store is probably your best bet when searching for these shoes. The sales people at these places do nothing but size and look at feet all day, they know what they are talking about. Trust them. They will watch you walk and run. If you pronate to the left, right, or walk unevenly they know what to do. The sneakers they will outfit you in will be the best fit for your foot. For example, if you do pronate, a wider heeled shoe will work best to balance you out and keep your feet and ankles from undue injury. Then, make sure the shoes are not only comfortable when standing still but also when walking or running. You will be training in these shoes a lot and need them to hold up.

Finally, enjoy them! You are about to embark on a journey that is the marathon you will need good fitting shoes and a good attitude. When it is all over you can store those tired, muddy kicks in one of our shoe bags. The separate compartments will help keep them clean.

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