Thursday, February 21, 2008

Organizing Your Shoe World

Help! My closet is a jumbled mess of shoes! They are starting to all look the same and my sandals are getting crushed by my boots! How do I fix this fast and efficiently?

Does this sound like your closet? I know it sounds like mine. Most of the time my shoes are neatly lined up in the bags or boxes they came in or layed out side by side in pairs. If I keep the seasons straight all is right with the world. Occasionally, life gets the best of me and my closet floor becomes a messy pile of shoes. I end up crawling around looking for lost mates and realizing my dust-covered shoes are marking up my closet walls and the other shoes. It is a veritable nightmare! I feel overwhelmed and think, “Should I even bother cleaning it all up? Is it a total waste of time?”

The answer is yes and no. Yes, you should clean it up and no, it is not a waste of time. The reason is simple too. Your shoes protect your feet. You need to protect your shoes. If not, they become dusty, marked up and ruined. They mark the walls and floors of your closet and other shoes. They lose their luster and beauty. Shoes crave organization and care in order to last and here is how to do it.

1. First, put all your shoes in one place. Look them over and toss any that are beyond repair or that you simply will never wear due to an error in fashion judgment or ones that are no longer comfortable or wearable.

2. Find the mates and match them up. Then, sort your shoes into groups- Casual, Dressy, according to seasons, etc. Whatever makes sense to you! Look over these groupings. Do you notice any duplicate styles? Did you find more that are no longer appealing? If so, donate or toss those too.

3. Now it is time to get organized. First, store the out of season and special occasion shoes in boxes or bags. Storage bags that are flannel lined are the best type to store your treasured shoes in, especially the type with individual shoe compartments. Only shoe bags from Bags with Style possess both these attributes. Take the shoes you currently wear the most and store them out in the open in your closet where you can easily see them and reach them. If you keep them in boxes make sure they are labeled with pictures or tags as well. Labeling them with a photo or ID tag, like these cute ones (pictured below) from Bags with Style, is a great way to always having the right shoe fast.

4. Stand back and see the beauty that is now your shoe shelf or whatever special space in your closet you have reserved for your shoes. Remember, shoes protect your feet so they need to be protected as well. Storing your off-season shoes in bags is ideal as it keeps them lovely longer.

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