Friday, February 29, 2008

Shoes 24/7

You are passionate about shoes. You love everything about them. If not, why are you reading a blog about bags for storing your shoes? You my dear are a shoe person. You cannot get enough of them. So besides, the Bags with Style blog, where else does a shoe-a-phile go?


At Shoetube, you can indulge in all your shoe fantasies. There are various blogs, videos, forums and discussion boards. Shoetube has boutiques and even a great way to donate the shoes you no longer need but still hold dear. The blogs are a fun resource with some great tips on sales and new shoe shopping websites. There is even a countdown to the Sex and the City movie, where we know most shoe lovers will be putting pump to pavement to check out Carrie’s newest shoe amore.

If you want the latest in shoe news complete with videos, advice and teasers check out today. It is a shoe lover’s dream, next to a Bags with Style shoe bag of course.
*Stay tuned in March when Bags with Style offers up some great deals....

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