Monday, March 3, 2008

March Madness!

For the month of March only Bags with Style is offering this incredible deal:

Every order will receive a free luggage tag or luggage handle wrap with their order for the entire month of March.

What is so great about a luggage tag or luggage handle wrap? Considering the sea of black, blue, green and now red (you thought you were being clever didn't you?) luggage circling the baggage claim these days Bags with Style feels that every bag and its owner deserves the right to be seen. Your bag needs to stand out from all others just like you. Bags with Style has created luggage tags from a variety of hip and just plain cute fabrics. It not only spruces up your bag but you'll thank us later when you can decipher it from the sea of bags at the airport.

The luggage handle wrap from Bags with Style does precisely the same thing in a simpler way. It wraps around the handle of your bag protecting it and giving your bag its own sense of style and individuality. It's chic, smart and a whole lot of fun! Buy a few in the same pattern and all your bags can stand out!

Now get on over to the Bags with Style store and get to shopping! Your shoes will thank you.

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